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Unser Unternehmen

HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL is a well-known and established company in field of microsurgery. As a member of the HAAG-STREIT GROUP we dedicate our skills and efforts to designing medical operating microscopes and software by the highest standards and for long-lasting use.

Founded in 1864 by Johann Diedrich Möller, the company has a history of over 150 years and from its foundation has been in production of high-precision optics for medicine and science. Since 1963 our products reached worldwide recognition in ophthalmology, neurology and further disciplines. In 1990 the company was acquired by HAAG-STREIT, a swiss manufacturer of ophthalmologic devices, and was renamed to MÖLLER-WEDEL GmbH. Later, during a modernization process, HAAG STREIT SURGICAL was founded and is responsible for sales and marketing activities. Since March 2018 the HAAG-STREIT GROUP is integrated as a Medical Devices Business Unit in the Metall Zug AG. Metall Zug is an industrial group of companies headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Today’s product portfolio covers operating microscopes for the fields of ophthalmology, neuro and spine surgery, ENT applications, plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as for dental and maxillary operations. They are built to support the surgeon’s success by minimizing distraction in terms of ergonomics and workflow, allowing brilliant vision, and illumination beyond the visible. Through dedicated representatives as well as our national sister companies HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL products are available worldwide and supported by competent service. Since its foundation, long-lasting partnerships, confidence, and reliability are both the company’s mission and obligation.